The Cool Fam

 This is me. I'm Colleen. I'm the one who is trying to keep my cool. Especially with this cast of characters! 

Here's Mr. Lindstrom He's been my main squeeze since 2000, but we've known each other (by reputation) since we were wee little babes in high school.  Is it sad that the best and only picture I could find of him "alone" is actually of him in the hospital holding The Twinstroms (whom you will meet in just a moment)?  
But first, meet beautiful Brady.  She is our first daughter.  She was born on March 19, 2005, and died on July 5, 2005, a victim of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy (I will also refer to it as SIDS, though it is not a classic case of SIDS, she suffocated when she was placed to sleep on her tummy at daycare.)  Drink her in, she was a beauty...
 And - heeeeeere's "The Human Cannonball".  He's four, for now, and is a spicy bunch of energy (somehow he does it without coffee, a mystery to his bean lovin' mom).

Sometimes you may hear me refer to another baby... Parker.  I don't have a picture of her. We lost her at 20 weeks of pregnancy due to a chromosomal abnormality.  She had trisomy 18.  I can tell you that when I saw her up on that grainy ultrasound picture... she too was precious, loved, and beautiful.

And our world was rocked by...
 The Twinstroms! 
Thing 1 -- above -- she's my girl, and keeps us on our toes. A social butterfly with a giggle that could bring world peace.  And below -- Thing 2. He's a mellow sort of fellow.  He likes to read the room before he lets it all hang out. But when he does, hold on to your heart, 'cause he's gonna grab it.

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