What is Keeping Her Cool?

I am a firm believer that God (or the Universe, or whichever higher power you prefer to credit) constructs the reality within which we live. Ours is to adapt to the gifts we have been given (whether we see them as gifts yet, or not). This blog started out as a personal experiment. Each week, I would challenge myself to stretch outside of my comfort zone and try something new. Learning from that experience, I’d share my findings with you (and often, myself at the same time).

This blog took a quite unplanned hiatus when my husband and I found that we were expecting twins (pregnancy - planned. Twins - unplanned). I soon found out, just making it through each day creating two people, and caring for another small one was its own challenge. I had intended to blog through that adventure, but found myself more and more bogged down by the experience, and figured a bogged down blogger blog was not what you, my dear readers, would be interested in. I adapted, and now I’m ready to adapt again…

Keeping Her Cool is BACK! And what is it now?  Certainly the double entendre of keeping one’s cool is alive and present in my life. Both in trying to remain the “cool” chick I once was, and trying to prevent myself from spontaneously combusting under the intense pressure that is my moment-to-moment mommy-ing.

I will continue to challenge myself from time to time, but most of all, I’ll blog about the adventures of my parenting journey (most of which are challenges themselves). Rather than dig deep into my parenting techniques and beliefs (which in case you're wondering are simple, "Keep Calm and Carry On") I want to share with you my experience of being a Mommy. Keeping Her Cool is my perspective of the world I live in, and I’d love to invite you in… if you’ll join me (and I promise you can go home when you’re done with your visit).

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