Who is Her?

"She" is me, Colleen Brady Lindstrom, the one whom's cool is trying to be kept.  Mr. Lindstrom has been my main squeeze since 2000, and we made it official in 2002.  In 2005 we welcomed our first child into our crazy world.  Our daughter Brady died of SIDS three and a half months later.  In 2006, we welcomed a son into our crazy world, and he made it crazier (and manages to make it crazier and crazier still).  In 2008, we lost a second daughter (Parker) to a chromosomal abnormality (Trisomy 18) late in pregnancy.  In 2009, we were walloped with the news of TWINS!  Boy/Girl twins (yeah, they're fraternal, because you see, boy/girl twins cannot be identical.  Because, well... look between their legs.  Yeah, they look nothing alike) who are referred to as the Twinstroms.

I am a professional mom, with a part time radio gig.  I live in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/ St. Paul.  Okay, I just live in Minneapolis.  But I work in St. Paul, and I like St. Paul.  I don't like nature, I only camp under 5 stars, and I am deathly afraid of wind turbines (but I fully support wind power).  I have high hopes of composting, but I don't garden, so I don't know what I'd do with it.  I wear size 8 shoes, and I am an excellent parallel parker.  I think you know enough about me now to start reading my blog, and you'll fill in the blanks as you go...  I'm on the adventure of my life, livin' the dream...

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