For the Ladies

This smiling face to the right, that's my daughter, Tillie. The daughter of whom I wrote in my last post. She's my baby, and I think she is beautiful. The other day, while talking to my mom on the phone, I said, "Mom, I just think that Tillie is so beautiful and I don't want her ever to look in the mirror and not see how beautiful she is."

Guess what my mom said to me... "Colleen, would you believe that I have always felt the same way about you?"

Psssst... yeah, I'm talking to you... here's the deal, your mom thinks that about YOU too. Now go look in the mirror, and see your beauty - Gorgeous!


  1. Love it! And so true! Stepping on a crack may not really break your mother's back, but not loving yourself will likely break her heart.

  2. How do you do it? A tear forms in my eye most of the time reading your blog . . . it's awesome!

  3. It doesn't matter what you think when you look in the mirror...just try not to break it.

  4. Tillie IS gorgeous! And so are you!

    Love Ollie's half-socked feet in the background of this picture by the way.

  5. I remember as a kid my mom would tell me I was beautiful and i would say you have to say that because you are my mom! She would nope I would never have to say something I don't mean. I love my mom she is the most fabulous woman i know.

  6. Thank you...you have no idea how desperately I needed to read your words. The past few years have been rough and I'm wearing the strain physically. Then I look at my daughter and wonder how in the world such a perfectly beautiful angel could come from ME. So thank you.


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