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You have had this happen, I know you have, because you are an intelligent and creative person. Some ingenious invention pops up in your midst and you immediately think, “Why didn’t I think of that? I could have been a millionaire!”

So, because I am too lazy to actually go through the motions of creating the things I HAVE mentally invented, I like to give them away like little gifts, so someone else can become a millionaire off my (marginally) brilliant ideas.

· Hair Band-aids. I know, at first blush it sounds a little ridiculous, but I have a pre-schooler who believes in the healing power of band-aids. I love it! He gets a bump, bruise, or cut, asks for a kiss, and covers it up with Scooby-Doo or some other cartoony hero. Band-aids are wonderful for knees, elbows, fingers, toes, but NOT heads. You find this out the first time your child bumps their head, runs to the band-aid stash, and comes back with one stuck in their hair. They sustain further injury in the process of excising the sticky mess. Hair band-aids = problem solved!

· Refrigerated lockers. Okay, I have said this so many times, and 50% of people think I’m crazy, 30% think I’m brilliant, and 20% are too busy trying to find a place to store their leftovers while they go to a movie to hear my idea. Think about it, you’re with your main squeeze on the patented dinner and a movie date and you’ve only eaten half of your pasta dish because you went to the Cheesecake Factory (and who are they kidding with those “portions?”). Unless it’s winter in Minnesota, you have nowhere safe to store your leftovers. And especially since it’s a seafood pasta, you can’t take it with you because it’s E-coli city, population YOU if you eat it tomorrow. You’re out of luck. Enter the refrigerated locker. For a smooth 50 cents, your seafood pasta is safe and sanitary while you watch your romantic comedy. In 48 hours, you’ll still be laughing instead of having explosive diarrhea. You with me?

· Cars that come standard with vacuums. Why on earth GM hasn’t gotten with the program on this one, I may never know. Just this morning I cleaned out my car and could only get so far without lugging the Dyson out into the driveway or driving around the city looking for the nearest gas station or carwash with that big vacuum canister that you have to pay to suck the crumblies out of your ride. Think of how much easier it would be if you could spend those five minutes waiting in the carpool line multitasking by using your little car dust buster. I also think that cars need to have a hook to hang a purse on, but… baby steps.

As I see need, I will do the public service of posting my (marginally) brilliant ideas here. If you are the type of go-getter who can take a (marginally) brilliant idea and run with it, you are welcome to mine. Just bake me a cake or something in return (though, I’d gladly split your millions with you).

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  1. I think all three are great ideas.

    I might even be able to do some influence on the adhesive strips (they wouldn't be BandAids(R) as I work for the competition) and they'd be Minnesota made. (They've also developed a glue that sticks and unsticks.)

    The refrigerator locker just needs a good location -- maybe a kiosk-type location at the MOA. I like the idea of little individual fridges, but then you'd have to pay to keep the fridge cool whether it's being used or not. Maybe it would need to be more like a coat check -- but a fridge check instead. A person mans the booth, puts a number on your food, gives you the claim check and then puts your left-overs in the fridge.

    The car vac would need a little more engineering -- but I think it'd be easy enough to develop and create a patent. The hard part would be making it a selling point. Maybe it should be wet-vac.


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