Four Actually

Four years ago, my world was rocked. His name is Oliver "Ollie" Lindstrom, and he is my second child. He entered the world swiftly, without a push, the doctor barely had one glove on to catch him. It sounds like a fable, but it's the darn truth. I opened my eyes after a short snooze, sat up in the hospital bed and said "HE'S COMING!!!!!" Fifteen minutes later I was hearing the cries of my spirited child. He has attacked the world with the same gusto ever since.

Today, he is four. We are four. When Ollie was born I was born, too. You see, I had to begin to really trust life again. Our first child, our beautiful daughter, Brady didn't live to see her first birthday, she didn't even live to see four months. So, on October 22, 2006, my son brought with him hope. And today, and every year on this day, I am reminded (in the words of James Baldwin) to, "trust life, and it will teach you, in joy and sorrow, all you need to know."

Ollie IS joy. So much joy that I am virtually bursting at the seams.


  1. Okay, I get tearful easily - but I loved reading this.

  2. Just lovely. Happy Birthday Ollie!

  3. Happy Birthday Ollie......

  4. Happy Birthday Oliver and mom and dad!

  5. Happy Day! Enjoy the day and another wonderful year together!

  6. Yay Ollie! Hopefully I will be healthy enough to round up some of his "gusto" tomorrow!


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