8 Parenting Truths

- Sleep is a privilege, not a right.

- 20 questions is really too many questions.

- A ponytail IS a hairstyle.

- If you are doing fewer than 6 things at any given time, then you are lazy.

- The laundry is not now, nor will it ever be "done.

- There is such a thing as a "really cool" minivan.

- Your kids will always be more well dressed than you.

- A really good coffee machine is essential to your health and well-being.

Got any more? Please add...


  1. No matter how often you've done something one way before you can safely assume that you are doing it WRONG MOM.

  2. once you think you have figured out foods your kids will eat (or won't)...they change their minds!

    yes, NEW yoga pants are acceptable for public wearing. The ratty ones are for at home.

  3. No matter how well mannered your child can be they will always say or do something in public that will make you want to hide!

  4. Parental consistency is so important, right? But there are only 2 things that are 100% consistent in my life 1) my kids are always adapting to my tactics, growing, and their needs are ever changing. So, I reserve the right to try the opposite... make mistakes... be flexible... and change my mind. 2) no matter which path I choose, there is always a critic.


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