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I have heard it said that the most annoying sound is a toddler whining. While that is certainly annoying, I disagree, I think that the most annoying sound is adults baby-talking to children. I don't mean the over emphasized sing-songy talk that parents often do while they describe the world to their children, I mean the squeaky talk-to-the-child-like-they-are-stupid voice.  Do you know what I mean? Even worse when an adult does it and there isn't a child in sight.

This morning I saw a dude in the lake near our house with a metal detector under water.  He had waders on and the whole nine yards.  I'm fascinated by this hobby. My first thought is always, "I wonder how much metal they have to find and trade in to make up the cost of the gear?" Is it a lucrative hobby? Maybe I should take it up...

For the third time in the past year and a half, an employee at a store I frequent (eh-em) has told me when I've gone through her checkout lane with the Twinstroms that she remembers when I bought the pregnancy test that no doubt told me I was expecting.  While I appreciate that she has a fond memory of a moment that we shared, that information belongs in the "keep it to yourself" file.  However, I am open to the fact that it may be that I shop at this particular store (eh-em) a little too much.

And here's one for the "bring it up in therapy" file: I am not a hoarder in the sense that I buy and keep things I don't need. I am also not an extreme couponer in the sense that I don't stockpile things that I get at a deep discount. However, I combine these two concepts inasmuch as I save the receipts from shopping trips that tell me how much I saved because I get a little high from it. So I guess I hoard a pile of receipts that show me how good I am at couponing.  This is not normal.

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