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I am wondering when children should stop being called babies.  My "babies" are 20 months, and they are definitely more "toddlers" than "babies."  Still, every once in a while we refer to them as "the babies." In fact, at our house, they are probably far more frequently referred to as "the babies" than "the twins." What's the cut-off? Is it a period of time, like 2 years of age? Or is it more an experience or milestone situation, like when they are out of diapers, or don't sleep in a crib anymore, or start rolling their eyes at you?

I ask this question all the time, and if I were an Anthropologist, this would be my area of study (and since I am primarily a talk show host and blogger, I'll just ask about it): Who figured out that sex was what made babies? How did they figure it out? There is a major delay in cause and effect with sex, pregnancy, and delivery.  Many women don't even know that they are pregnant until they are a couple months in and some never know at all until the baby emerges (don't even get me started on the level of denial that that must take).  So, I brought this up at a little party the other day (because I'm that girl. The one who brings up weird questions at the party.  I usually hang out somewhere near the guitar guy and the loud cackling girl.) and my one girlfriend says, "well, when Laura Ingalls and Manly had sex..." and I fell apart because I totally understand using television shows as a reference to history, and am amused at the fact that Little House On The Prairie is as far back as we can go... Thank you, Michael Landon.  For the record, I still don't know the answer to my question.  Probably because there has never been a popular TV show to clear it up for me.

The other day I was bumming around the adorable city of Excelsior.  Who am I kidding, I haven't bummed around since I was 20. I don't even know what one does when one "bums." I was actually in Excelsior for a very important meeting with a very important friend (Katie from KeikiB Salon Spa, you must go to there) and we witnessed a gentleman wandering in full Captain Jack Sparrow regalia.  Katie spends a lot of time in that neighborhood and she assured me that this is quite normal behavior for this young man.  The thing is, he looked like a darn good Captain Jack Sparrow. He was handsome, and his costume looked real, not like something he'd purchased on clearance last November first at his local party supply store.  I was impressed.  He may stick out like a sore thumb wandering around looking like Johnny Depp dressed up as a pirate, but I bet this guy pulls serious chicks. And honestly, when I hear the words "Captain Jack Sparrow," I think of this:


  1. HA! So does this make me the guitar guy and DB the cackling girl, or vice versa? :)

    I swear I saw that Jack Sparrow dude on a float at the State Fair this year. He was quite convincing!

  2. Am I a bad parent if my son knows a majority of the words to this song and will blurt them out at large?

  3. I didn't get a chance to watch the video but I wanted to comment on the "baby" thing. My 18-year-old cousin is the youngest of the five grandchildren. Despite the addition of great-grandchildren, he is still referred to as "the baby". And one of my dad's cousins is called "Baby Anthony" to differentiate him from the other Anthonys in the family...Baby Anthony is 68.


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