My Phone Rules. No, Seriously...

4:30 pm Tuesday, I walk out of the gym after my Pilates Reformer session, ready to tackle the world.  I'm going to have a glass of wine with one of my ladies at her house.  I've been there a couple times, I kind of know where I'm going, but I'm planning to use the navigation on my phone. Walking out to the car, I get a text from my babysitter, "should I feed the kids dinner?" I write back, "yes, please." and then remember that Mr. Lindstrom is on his way home soon, and he can do dinner with them, "wait... no." I reply, and then notice I have a voicemail. It's from the Director of Children's Ministry at my church wondering if I can volunteer the next night, and could I get back to her soon. I get ready to dial her back when I notice another text from my sitter, "I texted Mr. Lindstrom, and he said to feed them. What should I do?"

As I settle myself in the car, I make my mental list:
1. Enter Superawesome Girlfriend's address into phone navigation system to get directions.
2. Text back babysitter before pulling the car out of the spot.
3. Call Director of Children's Ministry and chat about volunteering.
4. Call Mr. Lindstrom to notify him of whereabouts and plans.

As I'm attacking #1 of my to-do list, the phone freezes up, and dies.  I tried to resuscitate. I did everything short of performing mouth to mouth. Nothing.

Here's what makes this all funny: The next few minutes went like this in my head, I need to call the Sprint store. Can't -- phone doesn't work.  Well, I should at least call Mr. Lindstrom to tell him my phone doesn't work. Can't -- phone doesn't work.  Ugh. My poor babysitter is probably confused by the conflicting information, I need to quick call her... CAN'T -- PHONE DOESN'T WORK!!!!!

I don't know that I have a healthy relationship with my phone.  I thought I did.  I thought I could act independently. I thought I could quit at any time.  I thought I'd be okay without it.  But my phone has sucked me in. With the constant facebook and twitter updates, the handy camera, the map system that ensures I will never be lost again, the games to keep me busy should my hands ever go idle, not to mention the ability to be constantly accessible to friends, family, and business associates.  How did I ever live without it?

The four hours without my phone were agonizing. Rather than being relaxed because I was inaccessible, I was anxious because I was inaccessible.  When I got home, my first priority was to activate my back-up phone (if I were on a couch in an office, talking to someone with lots of letters behind their name, they would point out to me that this is an excellent indicator that my relationship with my phone is unhealthy.  I have a back-up phone for emergencies.)

Should you be concerned, I managed to get to my friend's house un-aided (perhaps I followed the scent of good friendship and red wine), and no emergencies ensued during my time sans phone.  It really made me wonder how we ever lived without these tiny little computers on our person at all times.  Can you remember?  Is it better or worse now?


  1. I hate that I am a slave to my phone... but I love it too. I do kind of long for the days where I could just drop off of the face of the planet for a while and no one could get a hold of me. If they called, they could leave a message on my answering machine, (note: machine not voice mail,)and no one would be upset with me for not answering because I was out of the house. Good times.

    At the same time, the convenience of having Google maps navigate me and my husband never more than a phone call away is super nice. I do feel tied down to it though.

  2. Your braveness to attempt to find my house, by memory alone,should be rewarded. The fact you actually found it proves genius!

  3. Too funny. I just got my smart phone last month so yes, I remember the time without it. I *feel* like I'm more on top of things now. I use google talk to keep in touch with my husband even while he's at school and can't answer the phone. My husband and I share a calendar that we can access by computer or phone so we always know what's going on. I can read a book or check facebook while waiting in the car for school to be out. I use the GPS and maps all the time.

  4. I'm not sure it's better OR worse. It's just whatever the phone-owner makes it. Had you been facebooking or tweeting and ignoring your life and your responsibilities, I'd say it's a problem. But you were only trying to do things like make phone calls and find a place--not exactly frivolous, time-wasting stuff! Doesn't sound too unhealthy to me. If you're worried, though, downgrade to a dumb phone. Bet they freeze up less...


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