Food For Thought Friday: To Celebrate?

It's a big weekend here at the Lindstrom house! The Human Cannonball turns FIVE tomorrow!  Party preparations are underway, and each morning we excitedly announce the countdown, I am not quite sure that I have adequately wrapped my head around the fact that the Human Cannonball has been rocking my world for FIVE years.  To me, he's still my baby and I know he'll stay that in my heart forever.

I am a big birthday planner.  I like to throw parties. To be fair, I'll throw a party for any reason, it doesn't have to be a birthday or an anniversary.  One rainy day when the Twinstroms were just teeny bits, the Human Cannonball and I threw a "Surprise, We Love You" party for Mr. Lindstrom.  We just grabbed things around the house, making flowers from coffee filters, a banner with construction paper, we made a cake and decorated it with sprinkles, and threw together a special dinner just for daddy.  When he came home, we all shouted surprise, and surprised he was.  Who expects a party on any old rainy Tuesday? But, I believe we all deserve to be celebrated on occasion, celebrated just because we are who we are.

I used to work with someone who really felt that the world is excessive about birthday celebrations.  She thought the birthday celebration was "just dumb." She thought it was ridiculous to throw a party for someone "just for being born."  She was afraid of the message we give children by celebrating their birthday. She thought we were turning them into self absorbed, greedy creatures. I could not disagree more.  Throwing a party for someone's birthday says, "I'm glad you were born, the world is a different place because you are here, and I want to celebrate that!" What could instill more confidence than that.  Saying, "you are here for a purpose! We need you!" The birthday is a logical time to have a celebration, but I am of the opinion that we don't celebrate each other enough in this culture.

I think about all the bullies in the world who use their words to hurt other's because they are hurting themselves.  They could use a celebration of their gift to the world. Or the children who are being bullied, being told they are less than, let's celebrate their gift to the world.  I want my children to know that they are unique and special people. I want to celebrate that every year.  Of course, The Human Cannonball is looking forward to opening the gifts, he's looking forward to the cake, he's looking forward to having everyone's eyes on him, but I know that under all of that, he is feeling the generous love of all of us, knowing that life would have been much different (possibly boring) had he not graced us with his presence.

How do you feel about the birthday? Is it excessive? Or are you the celebrating type?

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  1. Every birthday should be noticed. Family, a few friends, cake, presents, accolades for the birthday-person. Everyone needs time to feel special and loved - and your birthday is a day about YOU.

    That being said...I won't go on a rampage about the over-the-top kid parties my children get invited to. Yeesh. I always had more of the "come over to play and eat cake" style parties for my kids and their friends. And you know what...every kid said they were the best parties ever.

    Happy Birthday Ollie! Have a great special weekend!

  2. I am a firm believer in celebrating the hell out of people while they are here. I love celebrating other people's bdays..mine not so much.

  3. I go out of my way to make birthdays of those I love special too -
    For as long as they'll let me - I'm going to be the crazy over the top birthday mom for my kids...My husband didn't have his first birthday party until he was TWENTY FIVE YEARS OLD! I threw it! Isn't that the saddest thing you've ever heard?
    Soo soo important to celebrate people - ESPECIALLY on their birthdays!

  4. I think birthdays are swell, and ought to be celebrated.

    I like your way of saying it:

    Throwing a party for someone's birthday says, "I'm glad you were born, the world is a different place because you are here, and I want to celebrate that!"

    I was thinking about how much celebration is really enough, or too much though. Early(ish) in our relationship, my wife announced her intention to take the day off work for her birthday. I was incredulous--your birthday is just another day in the march of time. It is worth marking and it is sigificant, but life doesn't stop for it.

    I think the difference in view actaully came from the actual date--mine is during the school year, hers is not. I had to go to school like any other day, she got a whole day of recognition.

    Actually, my own mother forgot my 17th birthday, but that's another story.


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