Things I Do When My Kids Aren't Home

  1. Watch adult television. Get your mind out of the gutter. I mean like The View, or The Nate Berkus Show.
  2. Think about cleaning.
  3. Imagine what my house would look like if I could have breakable precious things at eye level or below.
  4. Shower. For an hour. With no interruptions.
  5. Miss the heck out of my kids and wish they were home in our comfortable chaos!
What do you do in the rare occasion that you are home without kids?


  1. I daydream about what I will do when my kids are not at home with me. This hasn't happened in 6 years since we go out when we get babysitters. I will keep you posted when Mikey goes to nursery school next September!

  2. In my former life of being a single working parent, it used to be shaving my legs and anything else that needs deforesting - during a super long luxurious shower.

    But now, and I hate to brag, I am a stay home mom with four kids who are ALL IN SCHOOL!! Yippee! So, I basically do whatever the hell I want!

    (and, sigh, yes, that includes some laundry, dishes, cleaning, and prepping supper. Sometimes being "the mom" kinda stinks!)

  3. I think about cleaning too. But then I waste all that time tweeting. Then I get pissed that I didn't clean.


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