If You Have a Baby, Or Know a Baby, or Are a Baby... A List

Baby stuff is always evolving. Case in point, in the 19 months between the birth of my first baby and my second baby, there were a million or so new things on the market. In the three years between the birth of the four year-old and the Twinstroms, my world of baby goods has been blow wide open. For what it’s worth, I’ve taken a second to compile for you a list of all the things I either couldn’t live without, or think are pretty darn awesome. In no particular order (P.S. I endorse these products having never accepted any goods or services to do so. I just think they’re that awesome!):

For the most part we have always made the Twinstrom’s food (or they eat some version of what we’re eating). However, when we’re out and about, this is the very coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I just throw a couple of these Plum Dispensing Spoons in my purse, and a couple flavors of Plum Organic food, and we’re all set.

While we’re out, if I’m short a bib, I use these Kipiis Bib Clips to make a common napkin into a bib. Voila!

Before the Twinstroms were big enough to eat from a spoon, or hold their own bottles, we got a set of these Bebe Bottle slings. I must say, I do not recommend these for singletons AT ALL. I think it’s really really important to hold your baby when you feed them (and it goes without saying, “breast is best” – but I have to say it anyway lest someone interprets this recommendation as my saying anything to the contrary). However, when you have more than one baby, and a bigger sibling, feedings can be really complicated, and with these, people get fed when they need to be fed, which is pretty darn important if you ask me. When I have used these in public, I get stopped a million times and asked where to get them. As far as I know, they are only available online.

We are hard core swaddlers. Whenever I am asked how we have such good sleepers, I have ONE answer, SWADDLE. I am beyond bummed that I discovered this shortly after my babies were done being swaddled. I gave this woombie to a friend as a gift, and got her stamp of approval. I only wish I’d had one of my own!

When the Twinstroms were born, we literally all but attached these Itzbeens to them. This is genius. With the push of a button it will tell you the last time the baby was fed, diapered, or how long they’ve been sleeping. With ONE it was easy to lose track. With two it would have been IMPOSSIBLE to KEEP track. This thing is the greatest!

Babies have a lot of gear. You have to put them somewhere when you put a load of laundry in, or take a shower, or go to the bathroom. Swings and bouncy chairs can be pretty cumbersome to bring from room to room. These Boppy Newborn Loungers travel easy, and are so comfy for the babe to lie safely on as long as they can’t roll. We used to bring them into the kitchen so the babies could be with us while we prepared and ate dinner. Don’t forget, they are NOT for sleeping upon, though. So, please obey that simple rule, and you’ll love this thing!

Without a doubt, this is the most ingenious product I’ve seen, and we absolutely love these Kristi G Go and Grow Chairs. The Twinstroms spent a lot of time in these this summer – and here’s a picture to prove it!

So there you have it, unique baby gifts for yourself or others, all with my stamp of approval. Enjoy, and use responsibly.


  1. It is amazing how fast stuff changes. I have heard of none of this stuff! I have a friend who's about to have her first bambino and these tips will all come in handy. Thanks, master mama!

  2. Not only does the mommy approve of these items, so does the sitter!


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