Manic Monday Blogarrhea - The Children's Shows Edition

The four year-old has been in a huge 'Yo Gabba Gabba' phase of late. I am on the fence about YGG. I have my moments where I see the brilliance, and others where I cannot believe the massive acid trip that the creators had to be on to put this out there. Mostly, I just feel bad for Brobee.
You see, when all the characters are in introduced in the beginning of the show, Muno gets to be "tall and friendly," Foofa is "pink and happy," Toodee "likes to have fun," and Plex is "A MAGIC ROBOT!" How cool is that? A MAGIC ROBOT!!!! What's poor Brobee's introduction? "The little green one." Sad trombone. Not much else to say about Brobee, Brobee's just little and green. Please, YGG, I implore you, give Brobee a little more love. How about "the awesome green one," or "everyone's favorite in the entire world green one." Jazz it up a little, I'm having a complex for poor Brobee.

It's no secret that I'm sort of in love with Steve from Blue's Clues. There's just one thing about Steve that was a deal breaker for us (in my crazy second life world where a relationship with Steve is not only possible, but probable)
Steve wears pleated pants. I wish pleated pants would go the way of 13th floors. Pleated pants are not flattering to anyone. In fact, I might go so far as to say that the absence of pleated pants in the world could be the key to world peace. Maybe that's too far, but certainly would be the key to fashion peace. So, when Steve left Blue's Clues to "go to college," I kind of hoped that he would get schooled on the necessity of non-pleated pants...

Well, I feel vindicated, because Steve lost the pleated pants and gained so much more. For those of you who cannot possibly see what it is about Steve that has me wrapped around his little finger - here's Steve now:
Yeah, there's NO WAY he's got pleated pants on.

Still, I only have eyes for Imagination Mover Rich.

The four year-old has also discovered a new show called "Dino Dan" This show is absolutely ridiculous. It's a live action show about a kid who sees dinosaurs. Not dead people, no, that would be slightly more believable, the kid sees living breathing dinosaurs roaming among us. Perhaps I'm reading a little too much into this, but if there were dinosaurs in our midst, I'm pretty sure more people than just this nine year-old kid would know it... just a guess. Any-whosie woosie, I was watching with the four year-old one day and there was a serious scene between Dino Dan and his mom where he undoubtedly was trying to convince her of the presence of dinosaurs, and she was unbelieving. Who knows because her hair looked like this, and I was unable to focus on the conversation:
Really? What style came out of that? Crown of head in curlers, back of hair in ponytail. I'm guessing that this is exactly how Joe did her hair on Facts of Life. Think about it...


  1. Colleen, does Ollie watch Handy Manny? I need to know if someone else can see that Mr. Lopart is completely sad and creepy. He is a middle-aged man, with a comeover, obsessed with his cat, lives with "Mother", owns the candy store and in a recent birthday party episode has a spare clown costume in his car to save the day. I have to think this is hysterical to the writers of the show.

  2. Oh my goodness! I love this post! We are super fans of Yo Gabs! It makes our daughter so happy and it helps her to eat - so we are on board! We have so many episodes on dvr, dvd and cds of the songs! Ahh! Brobee is seriously the most emotional - always running into problems and his smile becomes a frown, but then his gabba friends help him and he turns happy again. So they should sing "Brobee - he's so emotional"... or "always frustrated.." ;) And the songs are so catchy and get stuck in your head! "Hold stillllll... wiggle wiggle wiggle now. wiggle wiggle wiggle now." Anytime you want to talk Yo Gabs - you can count on me. ;) Thanks, Colleen! Love your blog.

  3. You have to admit, though, Brobee can be kind of a pill sometimes.

  4. This is hilarious. You know our love of Yo Gabba Gabba (we call it YoBa for short) at the Lane household. And yet I never noticed how Brobee gets the shaft. BUT I ALWAYS think they're saying Foofa is frickin' happy....so thanks for clearing that one up, too.

  5. My child can't believe that is Steve from Blue's Clues!


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