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  • I think I should be embarrassed about this: My girlfriend had a baby shower the other day and I couldn't be there. On Friday, I was rushing around getting the gift ready to drop off at the hostess' house and realized that we were out of tissue paper (note to self: replenish the stash). The options were to a) go to Target on the way to the hostess' house and grab some tissue paper, or b) figure out another way to wrap the present. Now, if you know me, you know that a trip into Target for tissue paper will easily turn into a 20 minute browsing escapade where I will effortlessly turn a $3 purchase that needs no bag into a $60 purchase requiring 2 bags. It's sort of like a magic trick I do. Yes, I recognize that there are stores other than Target (though, I don't like to admit it), but Target was the only store that carries that type of thing betwixt my house and the hostess'. I've been working on my willpower, but it is not strong enough yet, I know this about myself. So, I started ransacking the house for another option. I have been a proud hoarder of diaper bags. Some I have used, some we've kept on hand "just in case" (not even sure what scenario the "just in case" ones would have been broken out for, but you never know). So, I ran up to the Twinstrom's closet, and grabbed one of the (unused) slingbags that we got with a formula promotion before the Twinstroms were born, removed the stitched on tag (lest I should be accused of assisting in the marketing of formula), and stuffed it to the gills with the gift. I mean I stuffed it. My babysitter was sitting next to me watching me frustratingly rearrange the goodies (I usually do a theme gift - The Lindstrom Approved baby kit - everything but the baby) until I could zip the thing shut. So, what's the verdict? Tacky? or totally brilliant? (I'll accept a grey area as well, and bonus points if the new mom who was the recipient comments.)
  • Here is a list of things that you find out are really hard to teach your child when you're in the midst of teaching them to your child: buckling their own seatbelt, the formality and process of "inviting friends over" and "being invited" and at what point the parents need to be involved, hockey fights and the penalty box (the four year-old asked when they would be apologizing to each other), what "infinity" is (Toy Story obsession), and the fact that the Berenstain Bears named their baby Honey - and that they eat honey - does not mean that they will be eating their baby (hellllllooooooo, was anybody actually thinking when they made that artistic choice?)
  • I ordered something from an online store the other day that (oddly) came along with 2 breathalyzer keychains. Mr. Lindstrom and I think they are hilarious. After one drink (and I don't mean one drink - I actually mean one sip) of an alcoholic beverage, I blow a .5. This reminds me of this pamphlet they handed out once when I was in college - the pamphlet featured a table which approximated how many drinks a person of varying weight ranges would need in order to be different stages of inebriation. The most serious stage was "deep coma/death." Hilariously, at the lowest weight range, one would need only 0-1 drinks to find themselves in "deep coma/death." Even funnier, I had a handful of girlfriends that fell into that range (I hung out with soccer players and dancers). Imagine the fun we had making fun of those friends of ours who perpetually were in the deep coma/ death state. We tended to watch them quite carefully when they were about halfway through a beer.
  • While I've got you here, why don't you check back to my Two Truths and a Lie post to find out what I was lying about. I am proud to say that most of you were DEAD WRONG!!!! Mwah-ha ha ha ha.


  1. I also just went to a baby shower sans tissue paper. Even though my mama raised me right (and you can imagine my mama was particular about the tissue paper), I couldn't justify a trip to the dreaded T-store just for that. So I used a very cute gift bag (re-use)and nestled the card over it to hide the contents. Call me a Philistine, if you will, but I can't imagine that anyone noticed. I like your idea of re-using a diaper bag-that's both brilliant and useful.

  2. I love the diaper bag idea! Not tacky at all!!! :)

  3. Lol at your 'magic trick'. Sounds like me. Kudos to you for staying out the store, and I love the diaper bag idea. Saved a tissue paper tree, too!

  4. As the recipient of the diaper bag I'm cashing in my bonus points and chiming in...

    First off, I'll admit if the tables were turned I would have absolutely caved and gone to Target. Not because I necessarily thought the recipient would care, but only to satisfy my own self-diagnosed & irrational OCD. I wouldn't have been comfortable, and that would have been enough for me to freak out and make the emergency trip.

    That being said, I LOVED the bag idea! It's reusable, it's theme-appropriate, and honestly it was really cute! And something I didn't really think about before this, but being 8 months pregnant I don't really have a lap to set gifts on as I fumble with wrapping. Yours was the easiest of the bunch!

    I will admit though - I didn't pull everything out of the bag. I knew it would take MacGyver to get everything back in, so I read the little note you put in the front pocket explaining everything instead (which was also a very nice touch!). :)


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