As Seen On TV

Apparently I am easily marketed to. I recently took a mental inventory of everything I've bought as seen on TV:

...and this is just what I can think of off the top of my head. I chalk it up to the fact that for the past few years of parenting, I've spent countless hours in the middle of the night watching infomercials and convincing myself that I need these things to get by in life. Sometimes I am baffled at the notion that I got through without even one copy of Girls Gone Wild. The one thing I cannot believe I haven't fallen for (yet) is this: It's called Hook Line and Stinker. It is literally a fishing game that you play... wait for it... on the potty.  Yup. Classy. 

As a follow up to that... this is not something I've seen on TV, but rather was told about by my great friend Liv Lane from Choosing Beauty. She is offering an e-course on How To Build a Blog You Truly Love, and if anyone knows about building a blog you love, it's Liv. She has spent the past few years becoming a true guru in the blogosphere, and is ready to share what she has learned. If you have a blog, want a blog, have thought about starting a blog, or are just starting a blog and need an extra push, you'll want to take part in this awesome e-course. Here's the best part... ready? Through tomorrow (Wednesday 5/11) you can sign up for this e-course for an early bird special of 20% off the registration price. This 6 week course starts June 5 and if I know Liv (and believe me, I do) it's going to rock your face off.  I'll be having my face rocked off, too. So, join me in learning all about building a blog you truly love!


  1. No Ron Popeil pasta maker? No food dehydrator? Those are things you can't live without! I've been eyeing a Magic Bullet for years. And a snuggie? Really, Colleen? I think you're wise to steer clear of Girls Gone Wild--that reference really took me back to the college years.

  2. I couldn't get through life without "Strap Perfect"-add it to your list! :)

  3. When my husband and I were first married I worked weekends, and just about every Saturday I'd come home and he'd have ordered something else from tv. It's probably better for us financially that I now stay at home.

    Oh, and I'm having my face rocked off by Liv too.:) Can't wait!

  4. A lovely video to make you feel great about the shake weight:)



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