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The movie Cars has ruined me. If I haven't had enough coffee, and I'm punchy enough, I will look at the cars on the road and find myself wondering what they are thinking, and what their voices sound like.

I don't know if this is normal, but in my mind I'm a lot younger than my chronological age. I know it's rude to ask other people their age, so I have a trick. First of all, I will tell you my age, I am 33.  I was born in 1977. When I was a young Sesame Street watcher, I remember when Snuffleupagus was known to the other inhabitants of Sesame Street to be Big Bird's imaginary friend.  Shortly after my prime viewing days, everyone had the opportunity to meet Snuffy (in 1985), and see that he was indeed real.  So, I'll ask people, "do you remember when only Big Bird knew about Snuffleupagus?" And if they look at me like I'm crazy (a look I am quite familiar with), I'll know that they are younger than 30. Really, the only reason age is at all relevant to me is that it informs me as to which pop culture references I can use in conversation with people. Yes, I really do think about that kind of stuff...

I believe that there are 2 types of moms in this world, those who want to spend Mother's Day with the children who made them mothers, and those who want the day to themselves. Guess which camp I fall into.  Listen, I love my family, but I have no qualms about using a Hallmark holiday as an excuse for a day off.  This will probably change when my children are a little bit older and can sit through a meal without fighting, screaming, or pooping themselves, but for now, I'm good with a little time to myself on Mother's Day.

I find it really hard to be a good mom and a good friend at the same time.  I have lists of people I need to call back and get together with. The thing is, I have tons of time at, say 3:00 a.m. when I'm up with insomnia because I'm trying to keep a mental list of all the balls that are in the air... anyone want to hang out then?


  1. Im in your mom camp for sure :). Love my kids but once a year I dont mind not having to think about anything but myself. Oh and showering with the door closed..

  2. You put this into perspective for me. The first few years of me being a mom I wanted the day to myself shopping. The last couple of years I have aken the kids one on one and did something with them for a couple of hours and they picked what we did. I never thought about WHY I did that but I like your reasoning. They are now 4, 7 and 8 1/2. This year I get to go to New York City for a girls weekend :)

  3. Mother's Day is the day Dad takes the kids to visit his mother. I do nothing, but read, or nap, or watch a movie. Perfect.

  4. I like Liz's tradition! Even better, my MIL lives out of town and would require and overnight.

    I also have the same friend problem. Especially since my best friend lives out-of-town and doesn't have kids. I always feel a little guilty about not calling enough. Luckily, she's okay with it, that's why she's the best.


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