Hooray For Damages and Flaws!!!

There is an outlet shop in the suburbs of Minneapolis that sells high end brand name items that have small flaws or damages. On most of the items, you can't even see the damages or flaws, but you get them at a ridiculously affordable price. My friends who shop there swear by it.  They LOVE the steals and deals they get at this outlet store.  I hardly ever shop there, myself, but I drive by there almost once a week, and my favorite thing about this store is a sign they have on their window so small you could miss it if you didn't look.  It says, "hooray for damages and flaws!"

I am deeply in love with this sign.  So much so that I want to replicate it and hang it in my home. Perhaps in every room (a little overboard?).  Here's why I love it so much. The worst thing you could ever say to me is that I think I'm perfect (one time a woman said that to me, trying to hurt my feelings. It worked).  I am SO not, and I am SO glad!  I have spent the better part of my 33 years here trying to get good with my damages and flaws.  Here's the important distinction: I have been trying to accept my OWN damages and flaws, not get others to accept my damages and flaws (when I have gone the direction of trying to get others to accept them, it's always backfired).  In many ways, those damages and flaws are exactly what make us each unique.

So, while I don't want to be sold at an outlet store, I would LOVE to write all over my personal windows (and big enough for everyone to see), "Hooray for my damages and flaws!" Without them, I'd be pretty darn boring.  Psssssst, you would be too.


  1. Totally agree coleen. By the way what is the name of this wonderful store?

  2. @Sonya, it's called Opitz Outlet.

  3. It's so close to my house, I've never been there but need to be. and I never thought about their sign that way before, I like the way you think!


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