Food For Thought Friday: Balance, It's Mom-plicated

It's an age old story, really. Mom trying to strike a balance between work, parenting, life, marriage, and house management.  Is there really such a thing?

No, seriously, is there? Because I've been working on it myself for the duration of my parenting.  Sometimes I can get a little "balancey" which to me, means that I am in a zone where everyone is getting robbed a little, but not enough to be totally ignored.  How sad is that? When I tell people that I work on the weekends, and have a flexible schedule during the week so that I can be home with my kids for the most part, even I think it sounds blissful. In fact, I often tell people that it's perfect. I mean, it should be, right? The truth is, a lot suffers because of my particular schedule, and I'm pretty certain you feel the same way about your own schedule.   

I'm not going to list out the job description of a mom, though there are some people in the world who could benefit from it.  What I'll say is that parenting young people who require so much attention (and they deserve it!) makes it difficult to be the wife, employee, friend, homeowner, housekeeper, fill-in the blank person you want to be. Not to mention that on top of all of that, we always think that someone else has it better because they have a nanny, or they are a stay at home parent, or they have a cleaning service, or they have a husband with a lucrative job, or they get summers off...

From where I sit, it seems like the balancing act of parenting is just that... an act. For those who don't look like they have anything together, I think we need to cut them some slack (eh-em... I am talking about myself here), and for those who look like they have it wrapped up tight with a perfectly tied little bow, I think we need to compassionately support them for the areas that probably aren't but we don't see.  

How do you keep balance in your life? Do you think you can have balance as a parent? What does balance mean to you?  

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  1. I hate Sarah Jessica Parker... But I need to see that movie!!

  2. I get people telling me all the time how impressed they are at me being a single parent, the whole "I don't know how you do it" and "You seem to have it all under control" statements come out alot. I also hear "If she can do it, so can I" from other newly singled moms. I can't tell whether this is a compliment or in reference that I look like such a freak that they could do it, too! ha!
    Funny thing is I don't feel like I have it all together. They don't see my freakouts at the kids, four days of dirty dishes piled up, or the times I am eating that extra bowl of ice cream to calm my nerves!
    But in the end, I guess all that matters is that despite the freak out moments, my kids are alive and healthy and happy. I am alive and healthy and happy. Life is what it is...


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