I Could Not Possibly Twi-harder!

My name is Colleen, I'm 34 years of age, and I am a Twi-hard.  I just finished the Twilight series for the second time. Both times I read them within the space of two weeks putting them down only to sleep and care for my children.  I've been reading another book for two days, and I still have to remind myself that the characters aren't vampires.  To make matters worse, I have had to remind myself that I am not a vampire, nor is my husband, nor my neighbors and friends. My children are not half vampires. We do not have werewolves (or "shape changers") in our midst, and I am not trying to keep any secrets about what or who I am.  I couldn't Twi-harder if I tried.

When you are a Twi-hard, you have to pick a team. Team Edward (the Vampire) or Team Jacob (the Werewolf).  I am prepared to say that I cannot imagine why on earth anyone would ever be on Team Jacob. Yeah, I said it... game on!

Here's the thing about Edward; Okay, so he may be a little stalker-ish, but he does it from a place of protection. He is gracious in that he doesn't want to control Bella, he only wants to keep her safe. He is strong, intelligent, and level headed (when he doesn't want to suck her blood).

Jacob is immature, rude, and self-absorbed. I just don't understand the appeal.

Unless, of course, you are talking specifically about the actors who play those characters. In which case, I am on Team Jacob, because I don't care who you are... this:

beats this: 

any old day of the week.  But let's be honest, I wouldn't kick either of them out of bed. 

What do you think... what team are you on? Or do you think all this Twi-madness is Twi-outofcontrol?


  1. Hi Colleen,
    You remind me of the time I re-read all 6 Harry Potter book so I could really enjoy the 7th when it came out. I think I love those as much as you like the TWIs(?). It is all about completely buying into that other world, no matter how unbelievable it is. Did we read the Tolkein trilogy in 6th grade? That is another that got me hooked. Nothin' like a good book (or bunch of books) to take you away.

    Oh and BTW I am with you on the Edward team!!

  2. I'm definately on the Edward team and I'm probably at least 20 years older than you! I think it does have to do with the protector image, but I think Robert's looks may play a big factor. :)

  3. Colleen,
    I love this!I also loved the Twilight books and agree that if I had to pick I would be on team Edward too! Have you ever read the Sookie Stackhouse books? I just got into them and really like them. I have not seen the show True Blood and am not sure if I want to or not. As most books are better than the movie/show, I am not sure I want to chance it?!

  4. Team Edward all the way. Though, you are right about appeal in the bedroom with Jacob, but again, that is based on the actor and not the character. Edward is always very gentle and nurturing where I feel Jacob can fly off the handle at any time (as shown in the books). I am planning on reading the series for the second time before movie comes out in November. I can't wait to see it :)


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