In My Shoes

Yesterday was my ninth wedding anniversary. Mr. Lindstrom and I celebrated in grand style, like we always do.  We have packed a lot of joy and sorrow into these nine years, and I can honestly tell you, the ride with him has been completely worth it. In other words, I wouldn't have wanted to have that kind of joy and pain with anyone but him. We are really great partners.

Each year, it has been my tradition to wear the shoes I wore on my wedding day on our anniversary. I love those shoes. They make me feel like Cinderella.  I remember walking through the Nordstrom shoe department and practically squealing when I saw them on the shelf.  I KNEW they were the shoes I wanted to get married in.  On the first happiest day of my life (remember, this was before I had children) those shoes carried wobbly legs down a long aisle to join my life with my husband's.  Those shoes held me steady through my vows, and propped me up tall enough to share a kiss with my Prince Charming. Those shoes walked me out the back of the church and into "Roxanne" the car that my husband drove throughout our courtship, and in those shoes, I danced that very special night away.  I love the way those shoes look, but mostly I love the story those shoes can tell. Now, five pregnancies later, those size 7 shoes no longer can comfortably accommodate these size 8.5 feet.  Still, each year, they come down from the shelf in the closet, and for only a second, like Cinderella, I try them on, just in case they magically fit. They don't, and I am sad.

But that doesn't mean I don't get my happily ever after. Because my marriage isn't in those shoes that don't fit. My life isn't in those shoes that don't fit. Even though I was sure that I could wear those shoes each and every June 8, from now until eternity, what those shoes mean to me is in my bones, in my heart, in my soul, and in my memory. Just as I have grown out of those shoes, I have grown into my life. This comfy, crazy, chaotic, cozy life.  Not too shabby. Those shoes don't mean nearly as much as the girl who wore them growing into a woman... and you know - these "shoes" fit just fine.


  1. This just become one of favorites postings of yours!! So incredibly sweet!!

  2. Awesome. Can we see a picture of these shoes?

  3. Adorable post Colleen! Happy Anniversary!!! And yes, can we see pics of these lovely shoes you speak of??? ;)

  4. "Just as I have grown out of those shoes, I have grown into my life." Beautiful.

  5. Great post! And we share the same anniversary exactly- 6/8/02- Congrats!

  6. Want to hit a thumbs up button for this one. Great post, and great shoes. :-)


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