The mixtape (a lost art, if you ask me) is the ultimate expression of affection for those of us who grew up with dual tape decks (lucky ducks). The mixtape is a special art. When one makes a mixtape, one puts meticulous care into the rise and fall of tempo from song to song, plots the perfect length of silence between each tune, and never forgets that the lyrics of each song behave as a dedication to the recipient of the tape. The mixtape comes in especially handy for the unrequited love, a way of writing a love letter without the commitment, "Oh, I just thought you'd like these songs," you could casually say as you handed the one you'd been daydreaming about your special creation designed specifically with them in mind.  A mixtape is personal. A mixtape is original.  A mixtape is short hand for love. When I fall in love with a person, place, or thing, I want to express to people how much I love it by sharing my intention to make it a mixtape.  So, with no further ado, here are a few things I would like to make a mixtape for:

1. My Keurig (because I LOVE coffee. Coffee is my mistress and deserves the ultimate mixtape),
 but most of all this accessory that allows me to make one cup at a time with my very own coffee grounds.

 (Of course, I still have a little stash of K-Cups for when I'm feeling like switching it up...)

2. Target, duh. But more specifically, the Target Red Card debit card that gives me 5% off each purchase.

3. Southwest Airlines.  Mr. Lindstrom and I recently took our first (and likely last) trip without the kids overnight to Chicago. We had gotten an amazing deal on our tickets ($39 each way - I felt like we were stealing them). Southwest Airlines has air travel figured out. You board in "groups" rather than by seat assignment, and once you are on the plane, you pick your seat. The flight attendants are so upbeat and hysterical, you forget to be nervous -- like this guy:

Also, they don't wheel those crazy carts up and down the aisle when they are doing beverage service. They come and take your order, and then bring you your requested beverage. They also give you free snacks. FREE! Oh, and we didn't get to take advantage of this service, but they do not charge you for checked bags.  I would actually give them a kiss along with the mixtape. 

4. Hendrick's Gin and Tonic with a cucumber.  My friend Anna introduced me to this cocktail, and I'll never be the same. It's a really special treat every once in a while on an extremely hot day (after the children have gone to bed, of course). I think it bears noting that I am not really a gin kinda girl, and I LOVE this refreshing drink.  

5. This video. It's darling on every level: 


  1. I too am a recent Southwest convert--did a whole blog post about them. And I am now thinking about one of those Keurigs to enhance my own coffee love affair.

  2. I am a jetblue fanatic so while I don't appreciate Southwest, I do understand the love of an airline.

    This video is killing me. Too too funny.


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