Manic Monday Blogarrhea

Please, work through this with me... there are four options in a public restroom where the use of sensors enables you to use a device without touching it: The toilet, the soap dispenser, the faucet, and the towel dispenser and/or hand dryer. Are you with me so far? Here's where I get tripped up, for me, a bathroom should have all four components or none at all. I get hygienically confused when I have to go back and forth between touching dirty surfaces and not touching dirty surfaces.

Speaking of hygiene, I have a newfound pet peeve. I make it sound like I collect them. Really, I only have a couple, mouth sounds and the word moist. The other day, Mr. Lindstrom and I were doing some people watching in a place with many food booths, and my new pet peeve was unveiled... when people lick their fingers while they are eating. OH MY WORD. It is just plain disgusting. I have nothing more to say about it. I'm sick just thinking about it.

I think it's funny when people don't match their dogs.  There is a super adorable fit girl who walks by my house every morning with her dog.  She is petite, strong, and looks like a runner, and her dog is really really tall, has big arthritic looking knobby knees, and looks like it couldn't run if an even bigger dog was chasing it.  Every day when I see them walking by, I'm caught off guard at how hilarious it looks and I laugh out loud.  For the record, our old dog was a small, fat, wrinkly little thing. We totally matched.

I happen to be of the opinion that leggings do not count as pants.  Let's spread the word.


  1. Thanks for the grins
    and giggles:)

  2. Hey Colleen, it is all for naught in the bathrooms when you have to pull on the door with your hand to get out! UGH!

  3. When I was traveling down south, I experienced this weird door implement where you hook your forearm around it and pull so you don't have to put your hand on the door. A good idea, but a little overkill for non-germ phobes like me. Leggings aren't pants unless something is completely covering your rear end--and ideally hitting about mid-thigh. Jeggings are the way to go.


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