Food For Thought Fridays: If Only We Knew What They Were Saying...

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I have always wished I could hear what was going on in the mind of my babies. Mr. Lindstrom and I used to narrate what we though our babies were thinking, we would prattle on and on as though we were in their heads, "look, it's getting light outside, and I'm still in this cage. I don't really remember how I got here because my last memory is of that nice lady who likes to call herself 'mama' rocking me in that really comfy chair that moves. Maybe she'll come in and get me soon if I make that shrieky noise that stresses her out..." All day, on and on and on like that. With the twins, we get to narrate their dialogue, because we are pretty sure that they are reading each other's thoughts (and plotting against us). I like to imagine what "babybook" would be like if babies could have facebook pages. Yes, these are the thoughts that keep me up at night.

So, I found this site, which approximates that fantasy. It really is tongue in cheek hilarious, but it got me thinking about the fact that we should be intentionally thinking regularly and seriously about what our babies are thinking. I think sometimes we get in such a routine, and we forget to look at the big picture, and remember that in each moment we are sending our children a message about who they are and their position in our lives.

This morning, I got an email from my friend that linked to a story about parents spending too much time on their smartphones. The article featured this onesie. I think I am going to get a couple, for my own kids.

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