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I think there may be only one butt related thing that I like less than seeing someone’s butt crack peeking over their low-rise jeans (remember, crack kills), it’s watching a hot and heavy couple have sexy-time in public and play a fun (for them) game of grab-ass in full view of complete strangers. I am not at all opposed to PDA’s, as long as the butt grab doesn’t make it’s way into the mix. Yes, I caught an eyeful of booty squeeze recently. I don’t just come up with this stuff out of the clear blue.

I have something that’s been weighing on me, and I need to confess it, so that I can move on with my life. I have a serious shame crush on Michelle Duggar. Yes, the 19 Kids and Counting Michelle Duggar. I want to call her up and go to Perkins with her. She’s adorable. For the record, the shame crush is usually non-sexual and can really be on any noun (person, place, or thing). I know this, because I made the shame crush up.

Is there a diagnosis of a condition for people who hoard organization tools?

How long before fluorescent lighting is abolished? It was either created by a man, or a woman without cellulite.

On a more serious note, I am so horribly troubled by the violent, hateful act committed by that young man in Arizona this weekend. My heart is broken for the families and victims of the shooting. As a parent, I worry about my own children, and whether or not I would recognize the signs if they were having violent ideation. What would I do? I have to be very clear that I believe that this type of activity is indicative of a serious mental illness on the part of the perpetrator, and unless and until we as a culture are ready and willing to address and understand mental illness, to educate ourselves on recognizing it and handling it, and do away with the stigma that it carries, I’m afraid that we will continue to experience this brand of national grief. I ask everyone to say a prayer (or send good thoughts, energy, vibes – whatever works for you) not only to the families of the victims, but to the family of the young man who committed this act of extreme violence. They are humans too, and likely ones who had no idea of what this young man was planning. They are now, like us grieving the loss of the people who have perished, but also the loss of what they knew of this person whom they love.


  1. Anne Kelley ConklinJanuary 10, 2011 at 9:40 AM

    Amen to abolishing the mental-illness stigma.

    Amen also to abolishing fluorescent light (at least in dressing rooms).

    BTW, I believe I was also witness to the caboose-grabbing (or should I say Cabooze-grabbing -- man, the wordplay with that name is endless).

  2. I am glad I am not the only person that thinks that Michelle Duggar is cool. I'm in awe of her constant calm and positive attitude, amongst what I would see as chaos with 19 kids! I have one child and feel like I lose my cool on a daily basis, lol


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