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If you are a parent or a parent-to-be, or a friend of a parent or parent-to-be looking to buy a gift, I am going to save you some money here. You know those adorable little chairs that everyone loves because they are miniature versions of big people chairs? Little barcaloungers, little overstuffed chairs, little couches. Yeah, don't buy 'em. KIDS NEVER SIT DOWN!!! Sure they're cute, but kids aren't couch potatoes, their parents are. You're welcome. Now, if you'd like to buy the one that I bought thinking that one day I'd have kids that sit still for a moment, I am selling it on craigslist.

When it's cold outside, the last thing I want to do is run in and out of my car. Traveling with kids makes that even less desirable. Once, when I was pregnant with the Twinstroms in the dead of winter, the four year-old and I were on our way home from preschool, when I remembered that we were out of milk. Here was my train of thought (all-aboard!), I wish there were a drive-thru convenience store where you could just roll down the window and order some milk. Wait, fast-food places have milk!" And with that I took a sharp and quick right to the Taco Bell that was just ahead, and went through their drive through ordering... just... milk. They did look at me like I was a little crazy, but hey, I got my milk, and didn't have to waddle my too (two) pregnancy self through the supermarket. Now, if you're needing a gallon of milk, you'll need 16 of those little fast-food milks, so I don't really recommend that method for the full gallon, but when you just need a little to get by before you can run out again... just tuck that away in the back of your brain.

It also makes me think of a time when I drove through McDonalds and ordered myself a cheeseburger and one fry. I really just wanted one french fry, because I love the taste of their french fries, but I knew if I ordered a whole order, I'd eat them, and I didn't want to feel the way you feel after eating an order of McDonalds french fries. So, I asked for just one. I told them I'd pay for the small order, but I really just wanted one. A) I'm glad I had this conversation over the drive-thru, because I'd have been too embarrassed had I had it at the counter. B) You'd be surprised at how difficult this concept was to grasp for the people at the window. The outcome: I drove away with a cheeseburger and four fries. I guess they didn't feel right giving me just one.

Also, is there anything better than ordering fries at Burger King and getting the random surprise onion ring?

I recently wrote a post about the fact that nothing good comes after the words "at least." I still stand by that whole heartedly, but want to amend it momentarily. I went to grab lunch at the supermarket the other day when I was at work. On the way out to the car, with my hands full, I slipped and fell in the middle of the parking lot. (you'd be surprised how often I do this kind of ridiculous thing). All I was thinking was, "at least I'm not this chick!":

If that didn't get you giggling enough, have a giggle at my expense by reading my guest post for The Marketing Mama on what it's REALLY like to be a Mother of Multiples!


  1. Thanks! I needed a laugh this morning!

  2. What I find so funny about that video, is the number of people who don't even seen to notice that a woman just fell into the fountain!! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

  3. Did you pay for the 4 fries or did they comp them?

  4. Just discovered your blog after reading you at Marketing Mama... and love your site.

    Maybe it's the fact that I have twins, too, but I found myself agreeing 110% in this post... I feel the same way about kiddie adirondack chairs... Really? I've never seen a kid sit in a lawn chair or at a little picnic table. :-)

    Have also been saying a drive-thru grocery store would be a path to world peace. I would pay extra, even, and I'm a self-proclaimed cheapskate!

    And why is it that you can order a medium meal at McDonalds for less money than the sandwich and a small drink and small fries. Grrrr... Hate paying more for less food.

    But now I'm rambling. Anyway, I am enjoying your posts!

  5. Did you see that she is thinking of suing now?


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