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Here’s how I know I’m not in college anymore. Today would be the start of January term, and I would still be behaving as though I was on vacation. Also, what is vacation?

I just realized the other day that I give my grandparents Gift Certificates to their favorite restaurants for Christmas and they give my family the EXACT same amount of money back in cash as their gift to us. Isn’t that kind of weird?

Whenever I hear a fellow parent type say that they know exactly what they are doing, I laugh a little, because they are liars.

My husband likes to watch concerts on TV. For me, this is like nails on a chalkboard. It’s too much media. If I want to listen to music, I will listen to music, if I want to watch TV, I’m gonna need a plot-line. If I am watching musicians play music, it’s just rubbing the salt in the wound that I am not AT the concert and am instead sitting on the couch in my big unflattering pants and watching musicians perform “live.”

Has anyone ever said, “I disrespectfully disagree” or “with all due disrespect?” May I please be the first?

When I was young, as a gift I gave an important young person in my life a “voice changer” toy. I thought it was hilarious. The other day, our dearest friends bought our son a “voice changer” toy for a Christmas gift. I am not laughing. (Dear Mayers, I’m kidding, kind of.) May I also note, that it is not only the four year-old that plays with it (eh-em 33 year-old husband).

Now that I have kids, this is what I call a “dinner party.”

Okay, here's something that I hope will be fun: On Wednesday's post, I will answer anything you want to know about me honestly. Please ask questions respectfully in the comment section of this post by Tuesday evening at 9:00 pm, and I will answer them on Wednesday's blog.

** I will not entertain or answer mean spirited questions, however, I will gladly answer respectfully asked challenging questions and any other questions. If you ask your question with a tone of disrespect or judgement, it will be deleted.

** This is either going to be awesome, or a big, fat flop. It depends on you (my goodness, I just LOVE shifting responsibility!).


  1. What's your favorite fantasy of your children as adults?

    (In case you can't tell, that's my SUPER respectful tone.)

  2. What is the best and worst part of having twins?

  3. How do you always remain so positive?

  4. Can I have your hair? Because it's so beautiful, and mine is so ... not. :)

  5. Anne Kelley ConklinJanuary 3, 2011 at 9:42 AM

    Oops. That last one was from me but somehow got posted as anonymous.

  6. I'd already picked out my new swear word replacement words for the year (You Jagwagon!) but now am updating my vocabulary to use your suggestions, “I disrespectfully disagree” or “with all due disrespect?” Even where they don't fit! Vocabulary fun in 2011!

  7. What was something that was most helpful for you when grieving the loss of your two girls?

    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    (Both are completely serious BTW)

  8. What television shows do you let your kids watch/watch with your kids? Do you watch those Baby Einstein dvds? Or Sesame Street? Or Yo Gabba Gabba?!

  9. Do you keep in touch with Kevyn Burger? I loved the friendship you two shared on-air with all of your listeners and miss Kevyn's voice at 107.1. Just curious if you two have stayed connected.


  10. How do you manage real adult conversations when you have kids? I feel like all of my talks end up being about my kids! I listen to you on the radio and admire you :)

  11. What inspires you?

  12. When are we having a sushi date?

    What is the most challenging aspect of being a radio personality?

  13. What advice do you have for a mom who has lost a child on how to celebrate her first birthday since she went to heaven. She would have turned 10. Different circumstances than Brady, the birthday comes in the dead of winter and 2 months after she left us.


  14. I was totally going to ask about Kevyn as well. How much do you love the Kevyn Burger?

  15. What was high school like for you? What crowd did you hang with? Who were your enemies? Were you A) class president or B) a super-geek? If A, who did you beat to get there? If B, who did you envy and look up to?


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