Connect Four and My Marriage

A few weeks ago, Mr. Lindstrom and I were at an awesome local restaurant that provides board games. While we were waiting for our food, we decided to play Connect Four. Mr. Lindstrom and I are more of a Yahtzee couple. In fact, if you hang around with us long enough, we'll suck you into a major smack talking round of Yahtzee. I get irritated with how long Mr. Lindstrom shakes his dice, and he gets irritated with the fact that I just toss them in the cup and throw them on the table. We have our methods.

In the 11 years that we've been together, we had not yet played Connect Four together. We started the game and Mr. Lindstrom methodically plotted each move. Taking at least 30 seconds to drop his little checker piece into the contraption. I find that the more I think, the less effective I am as a player. So, each time we played "his way"... I lost.

So we tried it "my way." Go with your gut, move on a whim, don't pause to think. Go Go Go. Guess what? I won EVERY TIME.

We realized (after enjoying a couple of adult beverages) that this is a metaphor for our marriage. Mr. Lindstrom is the thinker, the stewer, the noodler. He pours over all the conceivable options and their counter plays before he makes a move. He is methodical.

I am a gut girl. I am ruled by my heart. I ask myself how does this feel? Does this feel natural?

When Mr. Lindstrom does it his way... he wins, and when I do it my way... I win. When we allow each other the time and space to do it our own way... we both win.

Who knew Connect Four would be like therapy for the Lindstroms... but I'll take it. Insurance doesn't cover it, but damn if it's not cheap!


  1. We're a backgammon couple. I usually win.
    But I'm cutthroat!

  2. My husband and I like to play games, too. A good one for two people is Carcassonne. Bonus: I usually win. ;-)

  3. I love this post! My husband and I are very similar to you and Matt. I hate having to think too hard when playing games. I feel like it takes away from the fun of playing. My husband loves to figure out the best strategy. I will admit there are certain games that his way works better, but there are plenty of games that work with my method too!

  4. We're Scattegories folk in my family, which with 4 women usually ends in competitive fights and a few slugs beneath the belt here and there. Nothing like board games to get your psychology right out there on the kitchen table. Good stuff.

  5. That is so awesome. You must have been at Chatterbox... one of our faves. We're scabble kids.


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