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I happen to be of the opinion that everyone is entitled to a little venting. Venting can be a good thing if it allows you to dump all the feelings out and move on. There is a place for venting. I was just thinking that sometimes you need a good old vent, and a place to do it. It's okay to vent on facebook, but then, what if that one person sees it... or you may want to vent on twitter, but then you only get to do it in 140 characters...

What if I gave up my comment section here for you to vent... just vent away? What's on your mind? What's making you pull your hair out today? Throw it all down below...

Before you do it, take this pledge: I ____ vow to vent in the comment section of Keeping Her Cool today and then to move onward and upward from this issue. I will not dwell on it, I will not call my girlfriend about it, I will not burden my significant other with my vent, I will not put it on facebook, or try to condense it to 140 characters on twitter, because it is in the comment section of Keeping Her Cool and I have gotten it off my chest.

What do you think? Should we give this a shot?

P.S. Feel free to change your name and those of other's to protect your anonymity...


  1. You've read my mind!

    So the boys have autism- where on teh spectrum is anones guess at this point but they do have ASD in some form.

    Wyatt is OBSESSED with letters. He knows the alphabet backwards and forwards and reads every letter he sees when we are out. This is huge. to go from losing all of his words to this- talking all day long even if it is just letters is amazing.

    So we've been excited about this, posted videos of this on FB for friends and family etc because, that's what you do!

    Over the weekend a friend from the Moms group I was in when I was pregnant witht he twins posted a question about her son and how he's obsessed with letters and should she be worried. Like maybe he has autism because he's obsessed with letters. and here's the kicker..."It's not like he's flapping or anything...I just don't know if I should be worried."


    The letter thing? It's a huge developmental thing. I feel like our excitement was hijacked in that one sentence. Like I shouldn't be excited, I should be worried about it.

    I haven't said anything in the thread. I know she knows the diagnosis. I just can't believe how some people are so....stupid? Insensitive? If she's really worried why doesn't she get an evaluation?


    Ok. I'm going to go cry now and eat some cake.

  2. I should really proof read before I post....""Where on the spectrum is ANYONES guess..."

  3. Okay...first let me say thank you for this and for allowing me to keep my cool (at work)....here goes...I work for a great company, LOVE LOVE LOVE my job, adore the people I work with, love the location, love the flexibility, love what we do....but the pay sucks. I mean literally sucks. For the job that I do, I could find 10 jobs out there that pay at least twice what I am making. AND some 3x my salary. And it's not just me. Everyone here makes SIGNIFICANTLY less than the market norms. AND we are owned by a BIG name Big money person. Someone who has a lot of money going out to charities all over the world. Someone that we all know by name...and it's just sickening that he is who he is and we employees get treated this way. We don't even get a discount on tickets to games....oh did I let it slip that he owns a sports team? OOPS I said too much.

  4. I wish my husband could experience getting his period. Just one time- he could feel the cramps the bloating, the mood swings, the aggravation and the inconvenience of this monthly occurrence. Is that mean to wish on a husband??

  5. Yes! Thank you!!!
    I am currently covering 2 desks at work right now because 2 of my co-workers were in a bad car accident a couple of weeks ago (they are fine, but will be out for a while). While my boss has been very generous with the "atta boy" comments towards me, I just know that when these co-workers get back it will be all "OMG we were lost with out you, please don't ever leave us again" and so on. I will be thankful when they get back because that means that they are healed, but guess what? this place did not fall apart in your absence and I think I am leaving it in better condition than when you left it!!!
    I know I can't actually say these words out loud because it makes me look like an ungrateful, psycho you-know-what! So-thank you for letting me vent-I am moving on! :)

  6. I am a second grade teacher and it makes me gag how obsessed parents are with their child being perfect/gifted. If they receive a report card full of "makes satisfactory progress" they are enraged and meet with me to talk about what I am doing wrong. WHAT?? These poor kids are going to have ulcers with the pressure their parents put on them-and me :(

  7. I am sick again! I have so much shit to do - unpacking, training for 5k, work, mothering, cleaning and I'm spent sitting upright.

    I even went to bed at 9pm last night and didn't get any better. BAH! The germs and the winter need to LEAVE.

    Vent over.

  8. My in-laws are driving me absolutely bonkers! They have been helping with the kids a couple of hours a week and have taken it upon themselves to do some "work around the house." I know I should be grateful for the help with the kids, but does my MIL really need to fold my underwear or sort through old kids clothes and make piles for "give away", "save" or "sell at garage sale" (a garage sale I have never even mentioned having) without being asked? She also leaves me little notes with "tips" on daily duties to do to keep my house clean between the major cleans. Really?!? I work full time, have 2 kids, pregnant with the 3rd and the last thing I need is someone commenting on how I could be a better homemaker. She even left recipes for crock pot creations so the "girls can have homemade dinners once in awhile."

    Sigh. Ok, I feel better now. Thank you for the vent.

  9. Some members of my family are driving me crazy! One of my sister-in-laws is extremely narcisstic (and I have checked out books from the library to verify this). It is impossible for anyone besides her to get a word in at family functions. Why are some people so obnoxious?

  10. I don't know if this is so much venting, but I want to say a few things.

    I'm feeling very frustrated and down on myself that I can not lose weight. I'm the heaviest I have ever been in my life.

    It makes me sad that I don't have a significant other in my life.

    I feel like I don't have a "fun" base of friends. Ones who want to go out and have some fun!!!!

    Ughhhhhh. Thanks for listening. I'm going to move on from my pitty party now.

  11. ahh a vent blog...I like this idea...although I can't promise that these are all things that I will move on from.

    First of all, I can't stand the people who live in my apartment building. Today, I got home and realized the "secure" entrance to the building wasn't so "secure" anymore. Someone has decided to jam a penny into the mechanism so it stayed open and unlocked....awesome. I feel so safe. At least I have a deadbolt.

    I cannot stand people on the road. I have very strong opinions about what should and should not ever be seen on the road and that the people I see doing the opposite are either being momentarily careless or should have been forced off of this Earth by natural selection.

    And lastly, but most importantly, my parents. They have fought my entire life and now that I'm no longer living at home they fight more. And yet it's still my problem because dad brings me into it even when I'm not there. I recently heard from Mother that he told her (insert some personal human flaw) and that it was true, "just ask your daughters". Awe.Some. I will leave my vent at those things for today.

  12. Thank you so much for offering this.

    My four year old seems like such a cry-baby sometimes. I love her and feel bad for her when she IS sick but sometimes, she is just ridiculous! Last night she had an ear infection that was horrible and she was up crying most of the night. Normally I would have had more patience and sympathy but she used it all up last week.
    Last week was a cold and she would wake up screaming and crying. When I would go in to check on her and ask what was wrong she just kept crying and screaming.
    Me: Are you hurt?
    Her: AGHHHHH!!!
    Me: Can you point to where it hurts?
    Her: AAGGGHHHH!!!
    Me: Can I hold you, let's calm down, and you can tell me what's wrong?
    (She shares a room with her brother and is now waking up the whole house including the baby down the hall.)
    After a few more minutes of her screaming crying, not answering any questions, and not even attempting to calm down or let me know what is wrong;
    Me: If you're not going to talk to me I'm going back to bed. Good night. (exit stage left)
    Her: (in a very nasty, rude voice still screaming) GET ME A TISSUE!
    I proceed to retrieve the tissue and then she finally tells me her lips hurt.
    Yes, they hurt because she has been chewing on them all day. I instantly know this because I had told her a few times that day to stop chewing on her lips.
    She recreated this same scene again later that night and the following two nights. When ever she wakes up at night, it always involves lots of screaming crying and usually for something as minor as a runny nose or chapped lips.

    I will vent even further and make the claim that it is my DH fault for some of this behavior, as he too, can be quite the drama queen when he doesn't feel well.

    Thanks again for not making my friends have to listen to this vent.

  13. Oh I would have loved this yesterday. Now I've vented and moved on!
    Maybe this could be a weekly thing? It's very therapeutic to vent and even though my husband is the only one who knows what my blog is called, I wouldn't be surprised if some of the in-laws have searched and snooped to see if I've written about them! So I feel like I still have to censor my posts to a degree!


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