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I love Spring, except for just one thing. I don't like to be a big complainy complainer, but we are in the part of Spring that I don't love. The dirty part. The part where you walk outside your house and find everything you've ever been looking for all winter in a soupy mess of mud and frozen ground. Everyone looks like a slob in this part of Spring. Yesterday, my neighbor tried to pick up a paper bag that had blown over and landed in our yard sometime in the late Fall, and it was still frozen to the ground. The happy part of this is that the 100 whiffle balls that landed in our lilies last summer are just sitting on top of the matted down dead lillies. It's going to be like Christmas in March when I let the four-year-old loose on that.

Speaking of the four-year-old, he has been experimenting with his moodiness a little bit lately. His favorite thing to do when he's tired or crabby is tell me not to do something like smile, talk, eat, drink water, drive, etc. Yesterday, Mr. Lindstrom and I could not stop laughing when he told me not to talk, and for the next couple minutes (while I was obeying him), he was calling from the back seat of the car, "Mom, mom, mom, moooooom, MOM!" When I finally said, "Yes?" He said, "I told you not to talk." Mr. and I laughing probably didn't help matters, but really... kids are funniest when they are trying not to be.

One thought about airplane travel with little ones, and I'll likely blog a little more about the vacation that we are currently enjoying later: If you happen to be without kids and near a screaming child on an airplane, think about this: No matter how annoying or disruptive you think it is, I guarantee that the parent with the child is at least 10 times (if not more) annoyed.

Oh, wait -- one more thing: Having infant twins adds an entirely new element to travel. It makes it really difficult for either parent to go to the bathroom. I managed, though, I peed twice with Thing 1 on my back in the Ergo carrier. I may have ruined her for life, but I can't be the only mom who has ever done that! (Speak up, other moms, please!) And I am not being paid a penny to say this, but the Ergo Carrier is the greatest invention in the history of the universe. That is no small statement.


  1. Hope you're having fun on vacation! When you get back, can you tell me if you think the Ergo Carrier is better than the BabyBjorn? I have a Bjorn and I could never figure out how to use it and make baby comfortable. I'm pregnant with #3 and really feel I'm going to want a carrier with this one and the Ergo looks great! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. We almost made it through IKEA with the Ergo on Saturday. Judah waited until we were in line a mile-long line to have his meltdown. Easy enough to switch him to the front and give him a bottle. Why did I go to IKEA on a Saturday?

  3. Oh, no, you are not the only mom to do that. I'm a babywearing Mama and have done all sorts of odd things with a baby on. That's just motherhood. I'm pretty sure with babywearing having been done by every culture throughout history that women have been squatting in fields with babies on their backs to pee long before we'd ever dreamed up these new-fangled flying machines.

  4. I wore both of my twins and peed!! lol So glad I can say it and not feel judged! I had the TwinTrexx twin baby carrier on and hubby was no where in site. :)


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