The Brag

The other day on my facebook page, I asked people how awesome they were.  Only three people responded with some variation of "totally awesome." I am not shocked. We are not allowed to shout our awesomeness from the rooftops nearly enough.  So, here, anonymously if you'd like (but feel free to identify yourself. In fact, if you identify yourself, everyone will cheer for you by name!) brag away. What makes you so awesome? Or what are you proud of yourSELF for right now.  One rule, no bragging about your kid, your spouse, your mom, your cousin, or anyone else that you cannot call "me".  Not because they all aren't awesome, but because this is about YOUR awesomeness. If they are so awesome, have them come on over and tell us about it!  Just spout your awesomeness in the comment section, and we'll all cheer you on!  Don't be afraid...


  1. I am awesome. Awesome is my middle name. It's my favorite word. Why? Because I'm a good, kind, thoughtful person. I'm a good friend, am quite nice to my husband (haha!) and a decent mom. Go me!

    (Thanks for doing this. I've been having a really bad week, and writing this down somehow made me feel better!)

  2. I'm awesome because I keep my home running smoothly (most of the time), I'm a dedicated grand daughter, mother, wife and friend.

    I'm awesome because instead of feeling sorry for myself that I had such a crappy childhood I celebrate that I'm giving my daughter a wonderful one.

    I'm awesome because I use the word douche' A LOT! Come on, it's an awesome word! We all know at least one!

    And Mrs Lindstrom is awesome for publishing this post and giving us all a shouting ground to brag about our awesomeness!

  3. I'm awesome because I'm the bread-winner in the household. I have an amazing career and I make more $$ than I ever thought possible. I'm awesome because I do all this and at the same time, I'm a really great, really fun mom. I'm proud of being able to manage a successful career and at the same time raise some really bright well-adjusted kids.

  4. I am awesome because I am a good person.

  5. I'm awesome because I pushed a baby out in only two contractions on Sunday. :)

    Love, Kerry

  6. I am awesome because I pray for people. I don't just say "oh I will pray for you". I keep a list and really do it - every day. Then I put a star by their name when the prayers are answered. It blesses me as much as it does others.

  7. I am awesome because I resisted not only the Free Pizza at work today, but also the Free Ice Cream that followed!!! YAY ME!

  8. I am awesome because I realized the problems in my family of origin and I am determined not to repeat them!


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