Wordless Wednesday: I Learned It From Watching YOU!

Now that you've seen the terrible example I've set for my daughter, please check out my post for It's My Baby Blog today that tells more about how I'd like to be a good example for my kids when it comes to supporting families who deal with Autism.
Pssssst... there's also a giveaway going on over there!


  1. I know...I swear my kid will be texting before he's a year old! LOL!

  2. She is such a lovebug!

    I learned it from watching YOU, Dad! Awesome flashback, CCBL.

  3. Great. Will have that commercial in my head all day now. She's adorable though.

    I had a friend who's daughter would grab kleenex and blot her lips. They definitely watch us!

  4. talking on the cell phone AND driving?! tisk tisk, Colleen!

    (last post made no sense so I fixed it....my bad)


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