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I'm pretty sure that when I am around other adults I look like a lazy mom.  Here's why, when there are other adults around (specifically ones that are related to my kids like uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc.) I let them do the running around and picking up so I can relax a little. It's a survival mechanism. If I have to look like a lazy ass every twice in a while just to get a little respite, so be it.

Another item on the list of things I should be embarrassed about; I just realized that Arby's is RBs spelled out.  RB stands for Roast Beef, which is what they serve in sandwich form. When I realized it, I told Mr. Lindstrom thinking that this was some sort of amazing discovery. His reply to me? "Yeah, everyone knows THAT." (Then about a week later, I found out that he was lying to me, and that when I explained it, it was the first time he realized it, too.)

I have a lot of girlfriends who love the color purple.  Here is my observation (it is an observation - NOT a judgement), people who love purple LOVE purple.  I have one girlfriend who said that it's sort of an obsession.  Like, she will have to talk herself through not buying something she likes in purple just because it's available, and then she will frequently go ahead and buy it anyway, because she loves purple that much.  She said that the last thing she needs is another purple sweater, but she LOVES purple.  I think about Prince (formerly known as The Artist, formerly known as The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, formerly known as Prince) and how purple was like a religion for him. Like he wanted to procreate with the color purple and make sweet little purple babies. I guess I like green, but I don't have that reaction to green. I think it must be something about the psychology of the color purple. Any insights?

I was reading the four-year-old a book about tortoises who hibernate before bed the other day, and the tortoises explain that they sleep all winter because they can't find any food outside.  I would like to go on record when I tell you that if ever I could not find food, I would give up and sleep, too.


  1. I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it. -Alice Walker

    Well you saw the text..nuff said!!!

  2. I told Mr. Lindstrom (but maybe not you) that Arby's actually stands for Raffel Brothers (RB).

    And I am certainly obsessed with the color purple but I am actually scaling back lately because I feel like it's too trendy. But I do often look like barney. I'm fine with that.

  3. I never realized that about Arby's. LOL! And I think most moms take advantage of the relatives if they want to watch the kids at a family gathering. I know I sure do!

  4. You are not alone about Arby's! I just found your blog and love your perspective and truthfulness. I'm your newest follower and look forward to reading more!

  5. OMG I just LOL'd about your Arby's observation! That's awesome. :)

  6. In 4th grade art class, when we were asked to choose our favorite color (I didn't have one before that), our art teacher told us that a study showed that in mental institutions, most patients choose purple as their favorite. I have avoided it since.


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