Manic Monday Blogarrhea

  • A while ago, I Bloggarrhea-ed about Chad Ochocinco and what a massive d-bag I think he is (based only on his name, we haven't had coffee lately). On Saturday night, Mr. Lindstrom and I went to the Twins game. They played the Oakland A's (I have to say, A's sounds way cooler than Athletics as far as team names go, so nice work, Oakland, on saving time by abbrev.). Do you know that there is a dude on that team named Coco Crisp? COCO CRISP!!! That's awesome! I think cereals should start paying Athletes to change their name to their product names. Like a wrestler called Frosted Flakes, or a golfer named Trix, maybe even a hockey player who will go by the name Lucky Charms... Whoa, Mr. Lindstrom just informed me that there is another baseball player named Milton Bradley... YOU CAN NOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP, FOLKS!
  • I used to be a really great beer drinker. The older I get, the more it upsets my stomach. So, I've made the switch to wine. When I go to a ball game I like to have an adult beverage during the game, but since I don't do beer, I get really classy and drink white wine out of a beer glass. Cheers! 
  • Do you see this? This is a romper for an adult that I found while shopping at Old Navy. Please friends, can we agree to limit rompers to the under 3 year old set? Please? Now, I'm no fashionista (remember, I have pajama jeans), but I really think this look goes best with a full diaper (if you know what I mean, and I think you do).

  • When I was little, we had a bagpiper that practiced in our neighborhood.  We lived near a bridge that apparently had really great acoustics. The bagpiper would practice until dusk, and then pack up his pipes and go home. It was sort of an unspoken rule in our neighborhood that the kids should go home when the bagpiper stopped playing. One day, a classmate in school was talking about not hearing his mother calling him home at night, and subsequently being grounded for being outside too late playing. I said to him, "well, don't you just go home when the bagpiper stops?" Because I literally thought that every neighborhood had a bagpiper.  True story.
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  1. Note to self, never wear my romper when I know I'm going to see Colleen.;)

  2. I have a (not so) secret crush on Coco Crisp for two reasons: 1. He's easy on the eyes. 2. When he played for Boston, he did a really funny commercial with his father which ended with him shouting "daaaaaaaaaaaaad" like a little kid.

    The bagpiper story made me guffaw. Solid work, Lindstrom.

  3. I will agree to let rompers be for those under 3, with the understanding that, in payment, they will begin making underoos in my size again. There's a new Wonder Woman coming to TV, and the one's I had from when I was 4 just plain don't fit my 33 year old body. No matter how much my husband wishes they did.

    I did know about Milton Bradley. I know because I spent half an hour trying to get my husband to admit he was trying to punk me, before I looked it up and discovered he was being totally serious. You really CAN'T make it up!

  4. that romper looks like it belongs on a jailed criminal. No lie.


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