Manic Monday Blogarrhea

When you're a parent, and you make it through the newborn stage, and then someone (or everyone) gets sick and you're up all night, you kind of wonder how you EVER existed with such little sleep over an extended period of time.

Here is something I am embarrassed about: Up until yesterday, I did not know what it meant to "detail" your car.  I thought it was just called "cleaning." Now that I know exactly what it is, I'm thinking I'd like to get my house detailed.

How do you feel about the Nakeds at the gym? The Nakeds at the gym are the people in the locker room who spend extended time naked.  They do not treat nudity as a transitional state, but rather as the primary state in the locker room. Nakeds do everything that other people do with a towel or underwear on, only they do it naked.  Drying their hair, putting on their make-up, sitting on the bench, having conversations, they do it all naked. So, who are the Nakeds? Do the Nakeds know that they are Nakeds? (For the record, here's what makes Nakeds different than Nudists.  Nakeds are confined to the locker room, Nudists have communities.)

I want to say a very heartfelt thank you to all of you who were awesome enough to vote for me for the Circle of Mom's Top 25 Inspirational Family bloggers.  I made it into the top 5.  I have to tell you, I honestly don't think of what I do here as intentionally inspiring. I am just living my life out loud, and hoping that I can give some purpose to the pain I've had in my life.  I also want people to know that out of the deepest pain, can grow some of the most amazing, life affirming things.  So, even when you feel kicked in the gut, remember that there are blessings and beauty all over the darn place. Keep looking, and it'll find you in no time.


  1. Prior to the arrival of a certain child of mine, I was probably one of those Nakeds.

  2. If I could get my body detailed, I might become a Naked. I understand neither concept.

  3. Naked's should not sit on the public benches . . .that is just wrong on so many levels!

  4. Yay top 5!!! I think I'm a Naked... but only in the dressing room. Which I guess qualifies me as a Naked.

  5. You totally described my sister when she and I are at the gym. With the exception of sitting naked on the benches, my sister does all of the things that you described. I'm OK with being seen naked as I dry-off post shower and get dressed, but I don't spend as much time naked as my sister does. Funny, since were sisters and so much a-like in so many ways.

    I remember going swimming with my best-friend and her mom a couple of times when I was a teen. My friends mom was the exact same way in the locker room as my sister is now, hair, makeup the whole nine yards, in the nude.



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